About me

Hi, my name is Elekes Karoly. I’m a civilengineer and in my free time a passionate photographer.
In short: I’m a person, who like to do stuff, and to share it.
What I do? Take pictures, edit images, create concept ideas about images, think about images, think about photography, while having a full time job as a civil engineer.
What I love? Life, beauty, light, cats, elegance, design, vintage cameras…
What I try to be? Open minded.
Why I created this site?  I had the means to do it, and to share my work. So here it is. Take it as it is.
For what purpose ? For my own entertainment, and for some of you, whom may be interested 🙂
You are welcome to see some of my images, to like them,  be  indifferent about them,  hate, share, consume them. But be aware that you do not own them. So do not use them without asking. (Or if you’r to lazy to ask, then just give me credit.)

you can contact me by mail: elekeskaroly@gmail.com or

on facebook.com/elekeskaroly.ro/ 


you can find me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/e.karesz/

Please feel free to share your opinion here in the comments section.


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