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June 7, 2015

Night at the Harghita

Fotóklubos barátaim társaságában, Székelyföld legmagasabb hegycsúcsán, a Madarasi Hargitán töltöttem az éjszakát.  Fölöttünk a csillagos ég, alattunk a világ, körülöttünk kopjafák és keresztek. Távolban Brassó fényei látszanak, Csíkszeredát kitakarják a fenyvesek,  hátunk mögött a Gyergyói-hegység és Nagy-hagymás vonulata.

IMG_6339 IMG_6350

A tetőn, Munzlinger Attila panorámaképei tájékoztatnak igen szemléletes módon a körülöttünk levő látványosságokról, hegyvonulatokról.


A panorámák közti téren pedig változatos kopjafák, keresztek és fémmadarak…







May 10, 2015

Light’s of May  On a small photo trip with a friend. Trying to hunt some yellow dandelion flowers. But as often it happens, we quickly deviated from the subject and photographed anything that we found interesting. (more…)

April 19, 2015

Samyang 500mm

I had a chance to try the Samyang 500mm lens.  If you are not familiar with photographic lenses, all you need to know about this lens is that it’s like putting on a 20-prescription glasses. The Samyang lenses don’t  have auto-focus, and due to the long focal distance photographing hand holding the camera is a  pretty bold thing to do. Most of the images will get blurred, some because the camera shake  and the rest due to improper focusing. On any given internet site, you get advises to bring along a tripod, and with  image enlarged in the live view screen, set the proper focus. Good advice, but instead of a tripod I had to take my dog Jane for a walk, and also didn’t see much on the screen because of the sunshine. The solution was that I shot several images and put them together later in  a panorama creator.  In short, the lens can be used. It can be done even hand holding the camera. Just be patient. Wildlife photography is not an easy thing without auto-focus. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it because my dog, Jane noticed the deer much sooner than me, and I have left with shouting after the dog to stop chasing them.

April 4, 2015

Spring and moonlight

     The full moon after the spring equinox brings cold and snow to the mountains of Gheorgheni. The white snow acts as a light diffuser scattering the moonlight all over the landscape. After a little time, the eyes get used to the dark and you can see almost as it was daylight. The camera collects even more light than the human eye. I suppose this is how the creatures of the forest can see at night. As there is  always good and bad, light fills the landscape but the stars are faint . Winter still stands ,but spring is here.

View from the Pongrac-pass

IMG_3680 Panoramasm

The Red Lake

IMG_3691 sm

The Bekas-strait


 The Altar-stone

IMG_3711 sm

March 8, 2015


    A small Sunday trip to the nearby town, were we found an old Trabant. Photos taken on fomapan b&w film with a Kiev 80 middle format camera, and the third one with a Moskva 5, middle format rangefinder.IMG_0011

IMG_0001 IMG_0005G IMG_0008 IMG_0010

Kiev 80, Moskva 5, Fomapan, Agfa Rodinal

Nagyméretű blog kép








January 18, 2015

Past week in photos

Photos from last week, from the 12th to the 18th of January. The first one shows The Milky Way above Kilyenfalva (Harghita county, Romania). IMG_0939-Panorama

This was shot at dawn, on my way to the Bucsin Pass. There is a clearing in the forest, just enough to take a photo of the Gyergyo Basin. Though at higher altitudes we had clear sky, the fog persisted in the basin all day long, making the city even colder.


The ones below were made today, near Tekeropatak and Vaslab.

IMG_1036 IMG_1037

Luckily we still have deer in the wild. They are indifferent while you are driving, but as soon as you put on the brake, or open the car door, all of them are gone. They don’t run too far, just some hundred meters away, but all they show you afterwards are their white backsides.

IMG_1080 IMG_1076

January 7, 2015

Winter landscapes

My first photos in the new year :)

IMG_0880 Sunset in the Eastern Carpathians, in the background the massive of “Nagyhagymás”, and below the view turned around 180 degrees.




January 4, 2015

First try’s on 6×9 film


I managed to make a few photos with my moskva 5. Well it’s a hard case. After repairing the focus, now I realized that, the film, due to its big size doesn’t sit flat on the back. so a few out of focus parts can be seen on almost all of the photos. But it’s a work in progress…


IMG_0004 IMG_0003 IMG_0006 IMG_0005 IMG_0007