Exposed film perforations

Exposed  35mm film perforations

Every 35 mm film is sensitized at full width, even the perforations, so any film would do it. If you are  in for  the new lomo cameras, you can buy stuff that can do just like this. I’m not a huge fan of new cameras looking old for 100$, when you can buy old cameras looking new for 20$.What I used was not 20$ but that’s not the point. I used the Kiev 80, you can get away  a lot cheaper with a  lubitel, lubitel 2 or lubitel 166.  It has to be a 6×6 TLR or SLR camera though. I just put in a 35 mm roll  and used clear tape to  fix it to position. Home developed in rodinal, and scanned with a  epson v330 photo scanner. The thing with scanners is that they scan only the 35mm frame. So I had to remove the film holder, and just put in the film and carefully position it to be below the top light of the lid.


Fil used: Agfa APX 100

Camera: Kiev 80

Developer: Fomadon R09, expired about a year ago, but still working fine.

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