Lomo 135BC


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This is a strange camera. I bought it because the lomo logo on it.  But there is more than just the logo to this camera.
It’s a viewfinder cam, with distance symbols in the viewfinder. There is no rangefinder mechanism or any other stuff in it to assist focusing. But then you don’t really need sharp focus in lomography. It has an industar lens, it’s quite  sharp and good quality for it’s price category. And the mostly good thing that it has a clock mechanism  that winds the film after each shot. So you can shot about 8 frames without manually winding the film. The downside is that in time the spring in the clock mechanism looses so my cam can do only about 4 shoots in a row.
I think this capability is really a good and a must for lomo shoots, you can shoot fast from the hips, more then one pic, without cocking the shutter or winding the film.
The one thing I dont like, that the camera has the  rewinding knob and flash shoe on the bottom. So it will not stand straight on the bookshelf, no mater what you do.


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